Time Stamp Pro


Timestamp-Pro App

Time Stamp Pro is a WorkLog System that allows you to record the time you have spent working on various projects.
Create customer profiles and add projects that you are working on.
Log your time and see the results in an easy to read report which allows you to see how you have split your time among different customers and projects. Each project can be modified an unlimited amount of times to reflect the most recent timestamps.

Location reminder
If you want, timestamps can be tied to a specific location. One feature of the app reminds you when you enter or leave a region to guarantee that you haven’t forgotten to start or end your project timer. To tie a location to a timer, it is as simple as adding the location to the timer. You can create up to one reminder per customer under the “Add Customer” section. We ensure that you will never forget to start or stop a timer again.

Time Stamp Pro has iCloud integration so that when you delete your app or get a new iPhone, it automatically restores your data from iCloud.

Use it for what you want
You can use Time Stamp Pro to record the time you spent on virtually any task. For example, you can record the time you spent in your office, school or any other location.

What comes next
We are currently working to sync Time Stamp Pro with the Apple Watch so that you can start/stop the timer with your App watch. The Apple Watch will also get a “Complication” to see the current result, timestamp and earning.
We also looking forward to creating a OSX version, which you will be able to start recording on one Apple device and you can stop the timer on another Apple device.

We, ourselves, are avid users the app